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Alumni advises students about the importance of social media

Alumni advises students about the importance of social media Packed room in the University Student Union (usually) listen as a panel CSUN alumni shared their knowledge of social media and its presence in professional life. “Noise Social Media” event hosted by the career center and alumni … I Read more about
What are you worth to social media Stocks? It should be more than ad Most Social Media stocks rely on advertising revenue. And advertising dollars devoted to social media growth. Emarketer As recently reported, “Social media continues to be an area of ​​focus and uncertainty for traders as they continue to ride … I Read more about
UK Social Media users get legal advice from above to avoid contempt We’re all publishers now, and thanks to social media and digital broadcast networks like Twitter, our bellies thinking can come to a huge global audience, hitting a lot more than the eyes of graffiti scrawled on the proverbial toilet door ever could. But I … Read more TechCrunch <
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The debate about the role of women in sports media , Marino is a balancing act, and more

debate on the role of women in sport media , Marino balancing act, and more Two weeks ago, Amy K. Nelson, award-winning multimedia journalist and friend, wrote a thoughtful piece Hairpin.com How are women in sports media are systematically disadvantaged. She asks some important dialogue on the internet … I Read more about Media The responsibility for obtaining the field media love anniversaries of 60 years, and this month celebrating the assassination of President John F . Kennedy just opening bell for the respect of the media that will last for years – 50th Anniversary of ’60. Kennedy I … Read more about
awkward: Social Media can cause headaches Hanover – Last summer, basketball players and coaches Dartmouth College women kept in touch – partly through private Facebook page. Players can use it to share not only what they did during the holiday, but inspire each other … I Read more about