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Faces of Social Media censorship

Faces of Social Media Censorship We know that China has been given the task to block social media content on private companies that perform services. This is a comprehensive approach to censorship that supports business know right margins of society … Read more about
reason so many brands fail at social media is that they do not really Most brands offer horrible customer service in social media. Plus, they are deaf when it comes to planning social media interactions with your customers, which helps to explain why the Q & A-type efforts flop or turn into a disaster PR, as JP .. . Read more Business Insider

Emile Hirsch “Motel Life” launched Random Media Slate “Motel Life” starring Emile Hirsch and Dakota Fanning led the list yesterday presented the newly minted distributor Random Media, which is an initiative of the executive veteran Eric Doctorow. Random who seeks care from a niche in the field of home entertainment … Read more about